La Citadelle


For years while our children were small, we looked for seaside accommodation in France, because we thought that was what they wanted, then we found the Dordogne, and realised that they could have as much fun swimming in the rivers and lakes, and enjoy a much more beautiful region.

I love swimming, but I have reservations about swimming pools. This is why our swimming pool is large enough for real swimming, and is maintained daily in optimum condition. As well as the lake and the pool, we keep a paddling pool for little ones.

the far end of the lake

I still love the lake with its water ten feet deep, with no snags, and warm for swimming right from the start of May. And 70 yards by 40 yards is big enough to swim properly. The clay bottom of the lake shelves away fast, making it ideal for diving off the little jetty.

The Dordogne near Domme

 a swimming beach on the river

The lower reaches of the Dordogne, below Domme, are really too wide and fast flowing for swimming. A few miles above Sarlat the water becomes shallow and rapid in parts, better for exciting but safe canoing than for swimming. There are many small beaches along the middle reaches of the river with splendid little sand or shingle beaches, and excellent swimming in the clear water of the River Dordogne.

leisure lakes

The region has many thousands of lakes besides our own. Just 3 miles from La Citadelle is the Lac de Gurson, above, with sandy beaches and full water sport facilities for children. This is situated just below the tiny bastide town of Villefanche de Lonchat.

There are also many other types of lake, from those with power boats and water skis, to peaceful settings for swimming and boating, or just sipping wine, enjoying a view like that above.

180 miles of sand

If you really can't do without the sea, just 45 miles west of Bordeaux is the longest run of sandy beach in Europe, as the beaches of the Landes run all the way south to Biarritz on the Spanish border.

There are many resorts backed by the huge Landes pine forest, again the biggest forest in Europe; the largest group of resorts is in the Arcachon Basin, the first spot you reach from Bordeaux.

These coastal resorts offer almost everything to beach-worshippers - sailing, water-skis, sand, promenades, wildlife reserves, and the best surfing in Europe, but we and our friends and guests find most of what they need at La Citadelle.

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Fishing in the lake