La Citadelle

from our Visitors' Book

We thought that, if you are thinking about spending your holiday at La Citadelle, you would like to read the things that our previous visitors have been kind enough to write in our Visitors' Book:

June 1998: What can we say - wonderful ... we'll be back [and they were]

July 1998: We too have had a fantastic time. We managed to catch a glimpse of about ten in the field behind the lake early one evening. We also saw a deer with her two young. We have done lots of fishing and have managed to catch several fish including a carp weighing approx 6 pounds! It has been a wonderful place to stay and we all loved the house. ....a Fisherman's Paradise! Even the 5 year-old caught 23 fish! Thank you very much.

August 1998: Swimming in the lake was wonderful ... the woods are fantastic for playing ... the situation is perfect ... we had a brilliant time.

September 1998: Top score on the fishing goes to Peter - 42 roach, also perch, rainbow perch and an extremely slimy eel. We will be returning. We had a lovely time in tranquil surroundings.

September 1998: A week is not long enough - however we have crammed a lot in. Are very sorry to be going - could live here!

June 1999: Wish we could stay here all summer.

July 1999: We had looked at the Internet site but is is difficult to visualise from the images unless you have seen La Citadelle first hand. Favourite things: finding a family of kittens round the barn ( Jordan, 10,) boating and swimming in the lake (Kirsten, 11), playing cricket in the garden (Martin 9), fishing in the lake (Steven, 7).

July 1999: We have found the house to be in a perfect location, and have had endless fun in the grounds and swimming in the lake.

August 1999: Awakened by the sunshine at 8am, we realised where we had come: beautiful sunflowers, beautiful lake, beautiful grounds, and great, well-equipped accommodation. An absolutely glorious location. The children have Swallowed and Amazoned forever and ever. An absolute paradise for children! A very relaxing holiday with no real need to venture away from this fabulous spot.

August 1999: Looking for rest and recreation, and certainly found it at La Citadelle. Lots of space and adventure for the children. As for fishing, the "big ones" popped up to say "Hello!". The pond [not the lake] was happy to give up to 23 small fish a day to the younger anglers.

September 1999: Chateau des Vigiers is recommended for golf. We also enjoyed fishing in the lake, canoeing, and relaxing in the dinghy. The jetty is excellent for diving off. A wonderful, relaxing stay, but not long enough!

June 2000: We had an Ďadventureí exploring the woods and saw deer tracks leading down to the stream. The boat was adored by all 3 children (aged 6, 4 and 3) and the older members of the party (aged 41 and 40!)

June 2000: Had a really lovely time . It is the perfect place for a quiet relaxing holiday. We saw the heron a couple of times. We also saw a coypu, a few frogs and lizards and a grass snake. Lots of birds of prey.

June 2000: We all had a fantastic week and wish we could stay for a second one. The house is lovely, so spacious and well equipped. Steve saw the coypu and there is loads of great bird life particularly birds of prey. We saw black kites, hen harriers, buzzards, booted eagle, golden oriel, black redstart, cill bunting, serine, hoopoe and hobby all from the garden.

July 2000: Back for the third time - the spell over the phantom fish has been broken! Apart from the umpteen small fish we caught 3 sizeable carp 4 lb, 7lb 8oz, and 7lb 9 oz. The children have all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and all-in-all this holiday has been quite unbelievable!

July/ August 2000: Canít believe a month has passed, and what a lovely place to spend it. We made a brilliant den in the woods and we saw lots of animal tracks and we found a stream with fish in it. Lucy [age 7]

We don't really want to go home!

August 2000: House and grounds roomy, comfortable and peaceful. Saw coypu at dusk and we have also seen moorhens, kingfisher and deer. We enjoyed fishing, boating, canoeing, swimming on the lake and relaxing in the shade of the bean trees. We caught lots of fish (perch and roach) with our home-made fishing rods which we have left for others to use. Emma [age 10]

July 2001: We have holidayed in France for the last 8 years and this is by far the best accommodation. The children enjoyed fishing and boating in the lake. Watch the swallows roosting at night in the bamboo at dusk. Great relaxing holiday in great house with total privacy - just what we needed. Also a wonderful selection of books for both the children and ourselves made bedtime a real treat!. Thank you for a wonderful holiday all round! John, Alison, Abbi (7), Christy (4), Lewis (2)

July 2001: We saw Wild boar, Heron, Coypu, and Adam hooked a 7 Lb Carp and too many Roach to mention. The children were in the lake for hours on end, we were lucky with the weather. Linda, Jessica and Verity and Adam, Sue, Abbi

July 2002: We have enjoyed La Citadelle very much. Were very lucky to see a family of wild boar (between 7 - 10) the far side of the lake at dusk. A deer on the lawn and a fox were also spotted, together with hen harrier, buzzards, a pair of kestrels who live locally, several eagles, hoopoe, golden oriels and, of course, the fish which leap out of the water. The swimming pool was a bonus, although the lake is wonderful for swimming in. A good holiday for all ages from young to old. The Beach family

August 2002:
[After a very wet week] La Citadelle welcomed us with glorious sunshine and beautiful surroundings, but eating al alfresco on Saturday evening, the first drops of rain fell at 2 am. We're now experts on wet weather entertainment, try:

St Emilion
Chateau Montbazilliac
Chateau Duras
La Roque Gageac and Domme
Aquarium at Le Bugue
and we've all enjoyed
the wonderful book collection.

A clean and beautiful and thoughtfully decorated
home-from-home. the Bryant and Todd Clans

April 2003:
The first visitors of 2003 to La Citadelle. It is lovelier than the web site shows. The views and surrounding countryside are splendid. The house is lovely, cool in the middle of the day when it is too hot to go outside [in April!]. I think I could live here permanently. If only! Only one snag - having to go back to work next week. the Harringtons (Tim, Sian, Mike) plus Chris

June 2003: Had a wonderful time here at La Citadelle. A beautiful place with intriguing wild life. Weather has been amazing, has reached 40 degrees, so the pool was much appreciated.  the Byrne family from Dublin

June 2003: We have had a wonderful holiday here. La Citadelle is a really lovely house, very spacious and well-equipped. Emma (3) has read every book and played with every toy in the house. the Campbell and Hobson families from Dublin

July 2003:
The perfect spot for a bit of R & R. You can do as much or as little as you like - we did very little! Chris & Ann, Sue and Dave, Rick and Chris

July 2003: It's a fabulous place. A quiet haven where the world can pass by unnoticed. It's a place where you can gather your thoughts, chill out and drink lots of wine! I don't care if the pound is falling - I don't care that my shins are burnt. The bees in the chimney are buzzing, the lizards by the front steps are skittering away when I approach with my camera, I haven't seen the coypu, I haven't fished in the lake - but I might have! If I wanted to....... a footnote from Rick

August 2003: Two happy weeks come to an end. Highlight - The house and the setting. We've never had such a well-equipped house for a family holiday, everything you could wish for. It's wonderful to have such a peaceful setting and yet be within reach of so many delightful places. Chris, Monica and Robin, and Tony, Jacquie and Ben

August 2003 :

Two very hot weeks at La Citadelle, with 35 degrees most days. Pool was a godsend, especially for the children. The carp eluded our temptation but the roach surrendered to our lines. Sweet corn is the key!
The Lott and Quayle families from Worthing and Abingdon