La Citadelle

reflections on water ... 2

The Owl Barn

This second picture is of the Owl Barn, which we have now converted. The inside is a massive space for up to four people. The main hall is dominated by a tiled floor and the high oak-beamed roof. We had to buy 200 square metres of tiles from a local tile works.

The west facing veranda has stunning views out across the lake and the woods. We now spend many evenings sitting here in the light of the setting sun, watching the light dancing on the water of the lake.

Now This photo was taken in 1989 when the barn conversion and a huge landscaping task lay ahead of us. Now (2007) we have been in the Owl Barn for a number of years and a great deal of landscaping has been completed, and we battle against the re-encroachment by nature (mostly in the form of brambles around the periphery of the property!