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River at le Fleix

The River Dordogne at Le Fleix, October, 1998
(the unusual appearance is partly because it was taken through a thick early morning mist)

This site exists principally to show photographs of the the Perigord region of France. The vast majority were taken by me, starting in September 1997 when we visited La Citadelle to arrange its purchase, so I own the copyright.

Please feel free to reshow any (although not too many) of them on your own sites, but you cannot claim them as your own or sell them, and it would be nice if you included an acknowledgement and, perhaps, a link to this site.

They have been taken on APS film and scanned by me at something between 200 and 1200 dpi (usually 200). They have then been reduced in size and quality until they load reasonably quickly over the Internet. If you would like a higher quality copy of one for any reason, email me and explain why.

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