La Citadelle


Some people enjoy golf when they are relaxing on holiday. There are many good golf courses within easy reach of La Citadelle and, when one of our guests wanted to play this summer, we passed on the recommendation that we had received from one of the local estate agents, who plays at the Chateau des Vigiers, just four miles from Ste Foye-La-Grande.

Our guest played at one of the many golf courses around Bordeaux, and he confirmed that the Chateau des Vigiers is an excellent course. For the benefit of golfers visiting the region we are including the following links to further information about golf at the Chateau des Vigiers, and listings of courses in the surrounding areas:

Chateau des Vigiers Golf and Country Club

Golf Courses in the Dordogne (5)

Golf Courses in the Gironde and around Bordeaux (24)

Golf Courses in the Lot (7)