La Citadelle

Portrait of the Dordogne (updated August 2007)

The French are more inclined to talk about the Périgord, rather than the administrative department of the Dordogne. Our pictures are of the wider Périgord, the varied countryside spreading north and south from the valley of the River Dordogne, and even into other bordering parts of Aquitaine - the Gironde, and the Landes.

If you want "guide book" material, look in a guidebook. We aim to provide personal impressions and some of the details not found in the guide books. Having said that, the Dordogne is so rich in attractions that only a fraction are usually mentioned or pictured, so you will find quite a lot of new material here.

  Bergerac ready Montcaret ready
  Castillon-La-Battaille ready Montpon-Menesterol ready 
  Carsac de Gurson ready Périgueux ready
  Caves (various) Rivers of the Périgord
  Châteaux (various) ready St Méard de Gurçon ready
  Dordogne River Ste Foy-La-Grande ready
  Double Forest ready St Emilion ready
  Jardins de Sardy ready  
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