La Citadelle


The Dordogne has more châteaux than anywhere else in France. The châteaux of the Loire are only better known because they are closer to Paris. This page will eventually be expanded to separate pages on some of the major locations. For the moment, I have time only to put a few of the many photos of the châteaux of the Dordogne on this page. Point to each picture (without clicking) and you should see the name of the château.

Ballera Bannes Bazillac Beynac Biron Bruniquel   Do you want to own a château? The Dordogne has literally thousands, from the modest, through some of the famous wine-producing domains, to many large and famous ones like the Château de Montreal, a few miles from La Citadelle.
Cadillac Carbonnieux Castelnaud Fenelon Fleurac Hautefort   I fancied a château with vaulted cellars and pointy roofs, standing in its own vineyard for £60,000, but Jane did not fancy either the roof-repairs or tending the vines. Seriously, they can be bought from about that price upwards. For £300,000 or so, you can get somewhere really grand.
Jumilhac La Brede Lanquais Malrome La Tour de Montaigne Montfort   Many of the châteaux are simply private homes decorating the landscape, but many others are major tourist attractions with specialist museums and exhibitions. Many of the wine-producing châteaux welcome passers-by for dégustation (wine-tasting) and they also show you how the wine is made (and sell it to you).
Olivier Puymartin Roquilaillade Sardy Tiregand Cadouin   I can only think that the Châteaux of the Loire are better known than the Chateaux of the Dordogne mainly because they are closer to Paris, and many people think that Paris is France. You can visit just as many in the Dordogne (and own one too, probably, if you want to - there are a number of local agents with them on their books).