La Citadelle


Castillon is a busy market town on the Dordogne, near St Emilion. It was the site of the final major battle of the Hundred Years War, in which the French were finally victorious, hence "La-Battaille". It is now known for its excellent Monday market which is so important that few of the shops bother to open on Mondays in the other nearby towns.

Castillon is important because it well and truly in the middle of the wine-producing region, on the main road from Bergerac to Bordeaux. The road passes close to St Emilion just outside Castillon, in the direction of Bordeaux.
  The main reason for visiting Castillon is the market. This is very much a French country market, selling all the things the local people want. The fruit and vegetable sections are outstanding, with excellent seasonal produce. In the autumn, the variety of mushrooms needs to be seen to be believed.